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Hello, Spring 2013!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year. Personally, my new year is starting out great. Last week, I started classes again and it feels great to be back at work. I am excited about the opportunities this semester will bring, as it always feels good to have a fresh start.

One of the best things about school, this time around, is the new no smoking rule on campus. It went into effect Jan. 1 and bans any sort of smoking on campus. While I never noticed the smoking before, I find myself breathing a little easier on my way to class.

This semester’s goals include studying hard (as always) and visiting the Rec. Center more than once a week! Usually, I jog around a beautiful, small lake near my apartment. However, this semester I’m going to start lifting weights! The Rec. Center has excellent equipment and trainers there to help me if I need it.

I am looking forward to sharing interesting news with you about my experiences on campus this semester, so stay tuned!


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New Year’s Eve In Baltimore!

I had a wonderful New Year’s Eve! Since I was in Baltimore, Maryland, visiting my brother-in-law, we went to the Baltimore Inner Harbor. There was a fireworks show, live music, and food! It was beautiful.

Fireworks over Baltimore Inner Harbor

Fireworks over Baltimore Inner Harbor

If I was in Denton, I would probably spend New Year’s with friends in Dallas. Oak Lawn had a huge Street Party, where they closed off part of the city and had events, music, food and shows!

I’ve had a great holiday break, but I am excited to come back to Denton, see my friends, and start school again. I think the minute I get back, I’m going to go to Denton Square and eat at Rooster’s, my favorite Texas barbeque restaurant. Then, I think I’ll go to Rave Cinemas, a movie theater with $5 student tickets! The cost of movie tickets on the East Coast is a bit expensive, and I’m excited to get back!


Cheers to a New Year

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Cheers to a New Year

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is enjoying the days off. Today I am going to watch the midnight fireworks show at the Copacabana beach! I had the chance to go last year, and that’s when I took this picture. The fireworks come from boats that are anchored close to shore and it is a magical thing! The show was breathtaking and beautiful last year, and I am sure tonight will be just as beautiful, I just hope it doesn’t rain like it did a year ago! haha

I talked to my friends back in Denton and they are all going to do watch the Big D NYE event at Victoria Park tonight. I bet it will be beautiful and very fun! If you guys want to check it out the event, here are some details – http://dallas.about.com/od/arts/tp/Dfw-Celebrates-New-Years-Eve.htm

I hope you all have a very fun and safe New Year’s celebration and wish you all an amazing year of 2013!!


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Holidays from Home

I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday. I usually work on Christmas presents until the last hour, but this year I got them done early! After finals ended, I went to Dallas and shopped at the Dallas Galleria Mall. It is a huge, three-story shopping mall located in the heart of Dallas. It is surrounded by many restaurants and has good deals on clothes and gifts. I was able to check off everyone on my Christmas list!

Dallas Galleria

Dallas Galleria

Over the holidays, my family and I made traditional German bread, called “stollen”. It is a Christmas bread made with raisins, nuts, and powdered sugar. We bake it every year. We also built a gingerbread house together using a kit my mom bought at the store. I had a great holiday and I’m excited for the new year.

My new year’s resolution for 2013 is to experience more Dallas food! A co-worker of mine is from Dallas and has told me about several places I could go eat. For example, there is an authentic Italian cuisine restaurant called Pietro’s, which has been in business for more than 50 years. I would also like to try Kalachandji‘s, an all-vegetarian Indian restaurant. Before I moved to Denton, I had never had Indian food. Now, I can’t get enough of it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year, full of prosperity and happiness!


Christmas on the Square

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Christmas on the Square

I can’t believe Christmas is finally here! The Fall 2012 semester went by so fast and now it’s time to celebrate the holidays! I am so glad I had the chance to come home to Brazil during Winter Break and spend the holidays with my family and friends. However, part of my heart is still in Denton, and I want to share a picture I took last week before I headed to Brazil of the beautiful Denton Square. Denton during Christmas is so pretty and peaceful and I already miss that place and the people there.

I hope you are all enjoying your families and friends as much as I am!

Merry Christmas from Brazil!🙂


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Mel: Hey, Stephanie. I’m so glad that finals are over! I took my last exam on Thursday night, and I can’t wait to see how my grades are. Are you glad it’s over?

Stephanie: Hey Mel! Yes definitely, I am so relieved that I am done with my final exams. Did you get the chance to go get a back massage at the Union to help with the stress?

Mel: Yeah, I did! I went after lunch,  right before my last exam. I think it helped to calm my nerves before the test. So, I know you and I are both heading home for the holidays this week. Are you planning to take part any activities in Denton before you leave for Brazil?

Stephanie:Hmm… so many things to do in such a short time! I definitely plan on walking around the Square to see the Christmas lights, and will go to Fry street with my friends to celebrate life! :)


Denton Square Lit Up!


How about you?

Mel: Well, there is an adult Holiday Hoops Basketball Tournament in Denton on Thursday. I will probably stop by and see who wins! I’m also going to get some coffee tomorrow with a friend, and sit next to the huge Christmas tree in the Union. It’s so peaceful now that the campus is empty.

Denton M.L.K. Jr. Recreation Center

Denton M.L.K. Jr. Recreation Center

Overall, I can’t wait until our office holiday party this Wednesday. It will be nice to see everyone and relax before next semester. Well, I’ll see you later! Have fun on the Square looking at Christmas lights!

Stephanie:That sounds fun! I hope you enjoy your last days in Denton before heading home! I will see you at the Christmas party tomorrow! Bye girl

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Final Exams at UNT!

After five stressful months of studying, planning, and test-taking, I am happy to say that finals week is finally here! The campus is stirring with activities to help students relax, included play dog therapy in the student union and free massages!

To prepare for my exams, I spent all weekend studying: no doing laundry, no $5 movies at the local movie theater, and sadly… no Big Bang Theory. For the next five days you can find me in one of two places: studying in the Mac Lab on the third floor of Matthews’s Hall or right here in the Recruitment office. I am lucky, though, to say that I only have a couple of exams. I am nearing the end of my degree plan so most of my major assignments have been final projects. I have a strong feeling I won’t be seeing some of my coworkers this week—everyone is buckling down for their exams! Needless to say, we will all be happy when this semester is complete and we can call look forward to our holiday break. Now, back to studying and work!

Blog_Finals pic

Students Studying in Willis Library




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